Sharon Burton – Yoga Nidra for Calm, Clarity and Creativity

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Sharon Burton shares how we can find calm in our nervous system and open up to being more creative and present in the first video. The second is a Yoga Nidra practice.

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Sharon J. Burton is a visual artist, poet, and creative life advisor, and Founder of Spark Your Creative ( based in the Washington, DC area.  Since 2016, she has focused on helping people at midlife in “creative recovery”…those looking to revive or jump-start their creativity through workshops, her blog, and as the host of Spark Your Creative Podcast which features artists and other creatives who are using their unique talents to create more mindful communities and a safer world.

Sharon is a certified Creativity Coach through the Creativity Coaching Association which is also a member. She received her certification as a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra guide through Jennifer Reis Yoga. Sharon is also a Level II, Reiki Certified practitioner and received her and received her Breathwork + Meditation Teacher Certification from Faith Hunter Sharon infuses her creativity coaching with wellness practices to help her clients break through the blocks that prevent them from fully engaging in their creative potential.

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