Sarah B. Thomas – Why What You’ve Always Done is No Longer Working and What You Can Do To Get Unstuck

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Feel stuck and frustrated with excess body fat and daily fatigue? You are NOT alone! Hormones and metabolism change with age, but the good news is you can heal your body and teach it to become a FAT BURNER.

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  • -->the difference between fat loss and weight loss
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  • -->how to properly implement intermittent fasting for women
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About Sarah:

Sarah is a 45-year-old personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, business mentor, wife, mom of three and the founder and CEO of Burn Fat and FEAST, a lifestyle program for women who feel stuck and frustrated with weight loss and overall well-being. Burn Fat and FEAST provides a proven, step-by-step system that educates and empowers women to finally shed the excess weight, increase metabolism and stop the yo-yo dieting once and for all. At Burn Fat and FEAST we teach women to live life to the fullest by focusing on progress over perfection!

Burn Fat & FEAST program empowers women to take ownership of their wellness and change the trajectory of obesity and disease by providing a roadmap to sustainable success and a support system every step of the way!


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Sarah is raffling off a perfect pairing so you and a friend can try out the Burn Fat & FEAST program. If picked, you'll win $30 off the first month for you and a friend! There are so many good things in this program from what to eat and the most effective movement for midlife women. Join us live to win. Or find more information about her program on our Shopping page.

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4 thoughts on “Sarah B. Thomas – Why What You’ve Always Done is No Longer Working and What You Can Do To Get Unstuck”

  1. I really like this because I’ve been feeling like if I’ve been more physically active and eating more balanced than ever, then why am I suddenly gaining weight? It’s good to learn how complex it all is

    1. Hey Helena,
      Yes both more complex and simple at the same time 🙂
      Once you know how to put all the pieces of the wellness puzzle together, it makes sense and is less overwhelming!

  2. Interesting to hear the suggestion of testing food sensitivities every year. I’ve always been curious and just so happen to be seeing my PCP Monday, so will inquire!

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