Megan Snedden – Creating Purpose with Kindness

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A lot of women in midlife tell me they don’t want outrageous goals. Megan Snedden has made a change-making mission out of kindness. When in doubt, that is not a bad choice to make.

Free Gift from Megan:

A free digital guide called the Changemaker’s Action Plan. You can download it here.

About Megan:

Megan Snedden is the founder of The Kind Effect, a random acts of kindness movement that brings joy to strangers around the world. In addition to performing good deeds, she helps others create a greater sense of self-empowerment and improved mental health through the power of kindness. She has been featured on KTLA, Roku TV, and Good Morning LA LA Land.

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1 thought on “Megan Snedden – Creating Purpose with Kindness”

  1. I love this! However This is some thing I still need to work on. I easily feel guilty that I am not doing enough. There is infinite kind things to do all the time so it’s easy to fall into the guilt.

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