Lala Loves – Reconnecting to Your Sexuality

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In midlife, sexuality and libido can tank. Get your sexy back with this video with Lala Loves and all the great tips she has for you to grab more of your sexy back.

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About Lala:

Lala is the founder of Lala's Bedtime Tales, a sexual wellness and liberation brand. She is a sexual health educator and sex & relationship coach, audio erotic podcast host, and an erotica writer. Lala started Lala's Bedtime Tales to create a safe and judgment-free space for individuals to learn about sexual health and how to feel sexually empowered in and out of the bedroom. Through Lala's Bedtime Tales, she offers erotica and romance literature, sexual health and wellness education from licensed medical professionals, and healthy relationships & intimacy advice from sexuality experts. Lala's mission is to destigmatize women's sexuality as a dirty thing and encourage and educate women on ways to enjoy their sexual pleasure and feel confident and sexy in their sexuality.

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2 thoughts on “Lala Loves – Reconnecting to Your Sexuality”

  1. How do you ask for what you need from your partner while being intimate without breaking the moment especially if they are hyper focused?

    1. Hi Helena- My favorite method is to turn it into dirty talk. For example, I’d say oh yes, I love it when you do XYZ. Do more of that for me (insert sexy nickname), or I’d say let’s do XYZ because it feels so good, and it’s sexy when you do it, or I’d think it’d be fun for us to try.

      I feel like it’s a fun way to communicate your needs while spicing it up.

      Also, it’s essential to debrief about the experience later outside of the bedroom as well.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

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