Dr. Lisa Petty – Figuring Out What You Really Want

Transcript here.

At midlife, it's time to relook at who we are and what we really, really want. Dr. Lisa Petty literally wrote the book on how to really uncover what you truly want.

Talking points:
  • How you lost yourself
  • How to detangle yourself from everyone else's expectations of you
  • Get out of your head and into your own inner guidance
  • Create clarity about your (next)  purpose

Join us here on June 20 at 9 am Pacific/ 12 pm Eastern.

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About Dr. Lisa:

Dr. Lisa Petty started her career as a holistic nutritionist and health researcher, and quickly became recognized as a speaker, journalist, award-winning author and media health expert. After several years working with women who struggled to follow through on their health goals, Lisa earned a PhD for her research on how midlife women experience self-care in the face of the social pressures on them to be perfect in every facet of their lives. Her new book Forget About Having It All: The Midlife Woman’s Guide to Creating the Life you Want” is a combination of research findings and Lisa’s own story of midlife self-discovery. Lisa now helps midlife women navigate midlife and create the life they really want.

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Lisa is offering a copy of her book in the raffle in today's live! If you don't win, you can still purchase it here.

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