Desirée Maultsby – Ancestral Healing

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There are some things that just stick with us. Desirée Maultsby helps us understand how we can release feelings of the past and heal the parts of ourselves that need healing -- even if the person who hurt us has passed. 

About Desirée:

With more than 20 years of experience in therapeutic massage, as well as several certifications in East Asian healing arts modalities, Desirée incorporates holistic modalities within her transformational coaching and spiritual guidance. She integrates breathwork, meditation, ancestral healing, visualization, and creative expression within her sessions.

She is also a certified holistic sexuality educator with experience in addressing menopause, intimacy, sexuality issues, and identifying purpose, grief, and connection.

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1 thought on “Desirée Maultsby – Ancestral Healing”

  1. Great discussion! Thank you for sharing. I see benefit in taking time to be more present; never though about this as connecting with my ancestors.

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