Day 5: June 22

Today’s Live: Speaker, Dana Lawson

1 pm Pacific/ 4 pm Eastern

Today’s prizes to raffle off at the live: Midlife Mojo Summit Bundle, 1-year of Modern Midlife Mentorship, Midlife Rebels T-shirt, 90-Minute Confidence Coaching Call, Telemotion T-Shirt

Join us here live.

Video will be posted here after it’s done processing.

Today’s Line-Up

Penny is a certified aromatherapist and shares with us the safe ways to use essential oils and which are most helpful for midlife women.

There are some things that just stick with us. Desirée Maultsby helps us understand how we can release feelings of the past and heal the parts of ourselves that need healing — even if the person who hurt us has passed. 

Ever wonder how some women just seem to know? They make great choices for themselves and they always seem to have something internally guiding them. Amber Rose wants to share how.

Friendships can change in midlife. Learn how we can connect more deeply with friends to make the second half, the best half.

What could be better than being a midlife rebel?

Not much. Learn how in this session.

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