Day 1: June 18

Speaker, Wendy Battles from Reinvention Rebels!

Today’s Line-Up:

If you are like me, no one ever talked to me about puberty – let alone menopause.

Ali Damron wants to improve the conversation and information around menopause and perimenopause so you can feel like you.

It’s not what you think!

Dr. Taniqua Miller wants you to rethink midlife with her QUIT formula. Four steps to a more clear and more awesome midlife!

Worried about dating in midlife?

Bex Burton has got you covered! She’ll make dating feel more easeful and fun!

A lot of women in midlife tell me they don’t want outrageous goals. Megan Snedden has made a change-making mission out of kindness.

When in doubt, that is not a bad choice to make.

Midlife can be magnificent – even the most magnificent if you ask me or Karen Shatafian who is going to show you how you can commit to your dreams.

Midlife Movement

Brought to you by Telemotion!

If you struggle to get movement into your day, Telemotion makes it easy by breaking down small things you can do anywhere, any time.

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