Day 4: June 21

Today’s Live: Speaker, Sarah B. Thomas

9 am Pacific/ 12 pm Eastern

Today’s prizes to raffle off at the live: Midlife Mojo Summit Bundle, 1-year of Modern Midlife Mentorship, Burn Fat & Feast discount, & life story writing software, Telemotion Bag

Join us here live.

Video will be posted here after it’s done processing.

Today's Line-ups

Sharon helps people get their creativity and dreams back and Yoga Nidra is one of the tools she uses to help them reconnect. Tune in to learn more and try it yourself.

Imagine if life-story writing could change how we perceive our history so we can appreciate our journeys and get even more excited about the future.

Gen X was raised to people-please. As long as everyone around us was happy we would be too... but we aren't. We'll talk about the problem with people-pleasing as an identity & more.

Human Design has been a tool I've only heard little bits about - maybe you too? Nicole shares my Human Design and what that tells me about me and what to do with that info.

Midlife Movement by Telemotion

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