Bex Burton – Navigate Midlife Dating with Joy and Ease

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Worried about dating in midlife? Bex Burton has got you covered! She’ll make dating feel more easeful and fun!

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About Bex:

Bex Burton is a Dating and Relationships Communications Expert, and a trauma informed, double-certified life coach. She helps singles express themselves authentically and create meaningful, romantic connections.

After painfully hitting the same walls in love for over a decade, Bex committed to the study and practice of lasting love. Today, she enjoys a deeply connected partnership of 12 years with the love of her life.

Through her signature programs: Your Majesty, and Core Joy Living, she helps independent women become their most magnetic selves to attract and grow healthy, lasting love.

Bex inspires deeply transformational experiences through movement, mindfulness, and compassionate behavioral exploration, via live and online programs, spectacle dance performances, and nature-immersive glamping retreats. Catch up with her at and on IG @lovecoachbex.

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2 thoughts on “Bex Burton – Navigate Midlife Dating with Joy and Ease”

  1. I am 53 and trying to date with no success. I am focused on the values I am looking for and have a wrench in my situation. I have alopecia and have tried different ways to be transparent. I have tried talking about it in my profiles, telling someone during a first or second date, and through texting after a connection but before meeting. For the most part, none of these have really worked and I usually end up getting ghosted. I tell myself its not me and perhaps these men are simply not emotionally intelligent. Its exhausting and its just not fun anymore to keep trying. I am also a successful business woman which I believe is intimidating for men. Do you have any advice for women with alopecia and the best way to be transparent or approach dating? Thank you for your time.
    – Michelle Thompson

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you so much for writing in with your question. I hear that you are having no success in your dating life. I understand you have tried various methods of sharing your alopecia condition with dates and you usually end up ghosted. Further, you believe your business success is intimidating to men. I hear your attempts to depersonalize by considering these men are simply not emotionally intelligent, but in the meantime you are exhausted and no longer having any fun.

    My general approach to sharing personal medical conditions or other sensitive information about ourselves is that it is your right to disclose this information if and when you choose. It’s not necessary to talk about it in your profiles or first few dates unless you feel called to share it. Often we think we need to put this info “upfront” to be transparent, when in reality your alopecia will bear little to no impact on the quality of the relationship you are calling in. Instead, this creates “disclaimer”-like energy.

    I have other clients with sensitive personal information that is only shared when the client is motivated to move forward with her candidate, and the candidate is showing genuine interest & pursuit energy.

    Information like breast augmentation, health-supporting implants or prosthetics, or even non-medical information like financial status or non-traditional family roles may play a role in the relationship, but rarely create “make or break” situations the way a terminal illness or having young children might.

    Sharing in this way can help protect your energy from being over-vulnerable with candidates who have not yet earned the level of vulnerability this share calls for.

    At the same time, if the stage of your alopecia is more recognizable to the naked eye, you may need a different approach. In this case, you may choose to share it upfront with full ownership and self-love; painting your experience in an affirmative light with humor can go a long way. I would suggest partnering with a coach or wordsmith to help you craft the right message that is warm, inviting, empowered and forthcoming. I’d be happy to look at your existing profiles and offer support in this way if you’re interested.

    I know it’s tough and frustrating to be ghosted over and over again, at the same time, you’re on the right track by depersonalizing the response and considering the men you are meeting aren’t the right fit. Mindset is everything when it comes to creating sustainability in your dating practice to find your match. I’d want to explore your self-love reinforcement practices to ensure you are filling your cup and nourishing yourself enough to continue “putting yourself out there” and reviving the joy of meeting new men.

    Further, the different ways men react / respond (beyond ghosting) when you share is all data / feedback to make note of and inform the way you share. More to say on this but too much for a post.

    Michelle I’d be happy to have a conversation with you to hear more detail about your experience and offer you some thoughts on moving forward. If you desire romantic partnership in your heart, there is a solution for you on this planet. Connect with me anytime:

    Xo Bex

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