Make the 2nd half the best half!

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Midlife is different.

And we don't talk about it enough so a lot of us are out there trying to figure out all the things for ourselves...
which can have us feeling like midlife is a crisis.
We're here to help you see it as a calling... to tune in, get clear and make the life you truly want now.
That's what the Midlife MOJO Summit is all about.

Healthy Body

Our bodies change in midlife. We'll talk about how we can take better care of ourselves at this stage.

Inner Clarity

We'll talk about emotions, thoughts & beliefs and tune into our own inner wisdom around our aging and midlife.

Connect Deeply

Relationships & Friendships change in midlife. We'll talk about how to get the more intimate connection you crave.

Dream Bigger

We'll give you the permission and encouragement to dream more and feel fulfilled in Midlife.

Over 25 Expert Speakers:

Tune in for these exciting sessions:

  • 🧘‍♀️How to Drink Less Alcohol
  • 🧘‍♀️Wellness Supported By Your Home
  • 🧘‍♀️What to Know About Menopause
  • 🧘‍♀️Yoga Nidra for Calm, Clarity, and Creativity
  • 🧘‍♀️Essential Oils for Midlife
  • 🧘‍♀️Ease in More Movement
  • 🧘‍♀️Why What You Always Did Isn't Working & What to Do Instead
  • 😮‍💨Embracing Your Act III: This Time, It's About You
  • 😮‍💨Figuring Out What You Really Want
  • 😮‍💨Feel Good About the Life You've Lived & Excited About the Years Ahead
  • 😮‍💨Developing an Inner Mentor
  • 😮‍💨Reconnecting to Your Sexuality
  • 😮‍💨Relationship with Self
  • 😮‍💨Time to QUIT?
  • ❤️How To Talk to Your Spouse About Menopause
  • ❤️Navigate Midlife Dating with Joy and Ease
  • ❤️Divorce Recovery Don'ts
  • ❤️The Problem with People-Pleasing
  • ❤️Friendship in Midlife
  • ❤️Rebuilding Intimate Connection
  • 💎Do It Scared, Do It Anyway
  • 💎7 Steps to Rock Your Midlife
  • 💎Activate Your Midlife Rebel!
  • 💎Going from Burnt Out to Boundless in Creating the Life of Your Dreams
  • 💎Living Your Purpose with Human Design
  • 💎Aligning to Purpose & Your Uniqueness
  • 💎Making Midlife Magnificent
  • 💎Feel Good about the Life You Lived & Excited About the Future

Top Reasons You Need to Sign Up:

1. All the Topics You Need in Midlife

Look midlife is a unique challenge -- or set of challenges. We'll address them all!

2. Expert Speakers

I've searched for the exact right speakers for each topic. These are experts in their fields - authors, coaches, mentors, who are well-known for midlife and the specific challenges it presents.

3. It's Virtual

No need to pack or travel! You can watch anytime it's convenient to you!

4. It's FREE!

That's right! No upgrades for special access. EVERYONE is a VIP and has access to all sessions!

5. All Sessions are Available NOW!

Leave a comment or question and the speakers will answer!

7. Gifts:

Our expert speakers have got the best giveaways for you! All the tools you need to implement a magical midlife! Tune in each day to get those free gifts.

8. Biggest Gen X Women's Event

We're expecting thousands to sign up. Don't miss out on all the information you need to make midlife the best life!

Your Host: Christina Smith

I help women build authentic confidence so they can finally really like themselves.
It starts with living with intention rather than expectations & hustle.

When we have true clarity, we see ourselves and our lives completely differently.

That's where I come in. I help women find the truly important things to focus on and feel good about how they approach their journeys.  Together, we look at what's behind the things we want to find, that we are truly seeking... and then we align with it.

As we mature, we gain perspective,  witness small insights that support our shift, and place intentional living in the right light.

Maybe you didn't have a lot of great role models around self-love, confidence, or how to get what you want without the hustle - no problem, I didn't either. That's why I'm inviting you to tune in so you don't have to hit all the walls I did.

I'm excited about this opportunity for you to learn more about how midlife can actually be the best life.

Be gentle with your midlife humanness.

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