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Did you see a prize but didn't win? You can buy it here!
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The Scent of the Summit & Midlife!

Midlife Mojo Blend

Certified Aroma-therapist, Penny Stadick is offering a special blend for our summit made especially for midlife women! She's provided these for the Midlife MOJO Bundles that will be raffled at the lives and at the end of the Summit. However, you can buy yours on her site.

More about this blend: Midlife MOJO is formulated for an uplifting mood and balance.  The oils in the formulation are Clary Sage, Bergamot, Geranium, and Ylang-Ylang.

Buy it here.

Make the second half, the best half!

Modern Midlife Mentorship

Need support but maybe not a full-on coaching program? This midlife mentorship may be exactly what you need. Every month you'll get the monthly guidebook, live events and even group coaching calls.

It's new and starts in August!

Buy it here.

Pleasure Pack!

Prize offered by Lala Loves


The Infamous Rose Toy Vibrator has swept the world by storm due to its ability to give ladies the big "O". The Rose toy with the G-Spot stimulator will help you achieve a combination orgasm. This rose toy includes a G-spot massager and a clitoral stimulator air suction toy that's great for nipple or clitoral play. The rose toy's strong vibration will give you tingling pleasure to reach your ultimate climax.

Learn more here and browse more pleasure items.

Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories Volume 1 is an oh-so-sexy anthology of 11 erotic sex short stories. This book is a contemporary romance anthology with a WHOLE LOT of smut and spice that you will enjoy! This spicy romance anthology includes a custom Spotify playlist related to each story. Lala's Bedtime Tales: Erotic Stories also has sexy illustrations representing the 11 erotic sex stories in this salacious anthology.

Buy it here.

Life-Story Writing Software Subscription

Offered by Joanna Klein

What if you had everything you needed in one place that made writing about your life easy, fun, and more rewarding?

Unlike other writing platforms, our intuitive writing software platform was designed specifically for life story writers who could benefit from thought-provoking questions that help them distill the wisdom, life lessons, and core values within their personal narratives.

With all the necessary features of an editing processor, our software is easy and fun to use and will guide you on a journey to reflect on your unique path, celebrate your accomplishments, and find meaning in even the most challenging moments. At Journey to Legacy, writing becomes a sacred act of self-expression, a gift to yourself and others.

Learn more and get it here.

The BEST LIFE Daily Planner + Habit Tracker

by Laurie Reynoldson


DAILY HABIT TRACKER to keep track of good habits

DAILY JOURNAL for thoughts + ideas + things to remember

DAILY PLANNER to keep track of important dates + appointments

Buy it here.

Empowerment Accelerator 6-Week Program

Offered by Michelle Vasquez

Michelle Vasquez is all about women empowering themselves to live a fulfilled & balanced life on their terms. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to joy, purpose & freedom. Let's create an unapologetically-balance-life that ignites your soul, so you have time for what matters most. This is a unique offer just for our Summit.

  • Week 1: Discovering Self-Trust
  • Week 2: Clarifying Values and Setting Empowering Goals
  • Week 3: Developing Resilience and Inner Strength
  • Week 4: Building Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Week 5: Cultivating Empowering Habits and Mindset
  • Week 6: Creating an Empowered Life Vision
The regular price for the 6-week program is from $1,364 to $1,800.
For the Midlife Mojo Registrants: ONLY $777 total

Get it here.

Confidence Coaching Call

Offered by Amber Rose

This 1:1 confidence coaching session is designed to help women expand their comfort zone to reach new heights of their authenticity and success.
This confidence coaching focuses on minimizing the negative brain chatter caused by fear of judgment, comparison, and imposter syndrome. It will help you reprogram your thoughts to be supportive, motivational, and most of all, CONFIDENT!

Get it here.

Relationship & Communication Coaching

Offered by Kari Lynn Morgan

Need some support in your intimate partnership? Kari Lynn offers coaching that can change the way the two of you relate so you can connect to more intimacy in your relationship. Learn more about her coaching at the link.

Get it here.

Burn Fat & FEAST Program

Offered by Sarah B. Thomas

You’re overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged.

Through the Burn Fat and FEAST lifestyle, you heal your body from the inside out, follow our signature nutritional strategies including a FEAST day every week, complete short workouts, balance your hormones, increase your metabolism and have a sisterhood of support every day.

Go from overwhelmed and complicated to STRONG AND SUCCESSFUL.

Get it here.

Forget About Having It All!

by Lisa Petty, PhD

In Forget About Having It All®, Lisa Petty, PhD explores the myth of having it all and the social expectations that hold women to an impossible standard. Dr. Petty highlights the norms and beliefs that frame our daily lives, often without much conscious thought from us. But with a shift in how we perceive the world, Petty shows how women can unplug from the programming that tells us what we should want, so we can focus on creating what we do want in our lives.

Buy it here.

Rock Your Midlife:

7 Steps to Transform Yourself and Make Your Next Chapter Your Best Chapter

by Dr. Ellen Albertson

In this inspiring, motivational, and action-oriented book, Dr. Ellen Albertson, aka The Midlife Whisperer™, busts outdated concepts of midlife and prickly, crisis-driven, over-the-hill life plans. The book challenges everything you’ve been told about getting old and provides proven solutions to make midlife the best time of your life. Whether you want to love and accept yourself, have more fulfilling relationships, or live authentically with passion, meaning, and purpose, Rock Your Midlife is your roadmap to get results.

Buy it here.

Landing on Your Feet & Putting Down Roots:

21 Rituals to Transform Your Life & Interior Space

by Sherry Steine

Often it is when we least expect it that life throws us a curve ball, and though we might swing at it, that doesn't mean we'll always connect. Plans fall apart. Things we thought we knew turn out to be illusory. There is a sense of dislocation when this happens - sometimes it is fleeting, and we can shake it off, but other times it is profound. And unfortunately, the dislocation that comes from an unexpected life-altering shift is often literal as well as metaphorical. We find ourselves living in a new space and scrambling to make sense of how we arrived there. Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots:21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space provides simple actionable strategies for adjusting to life after a transition of any kind.

Bonus: Shipping is included!

Buy it here.

Midlife Rebel Store!

Offered by Robyn Patton

You want to be a Midlife Rebel and now you gave have some gear to remind you to make those rebellious choices so you can have the life you truly crave!

Get it here.

Reinvention Rebels Store!

Offered by Wendy Battles

Wendy is offering a few prizes from her shop but if you want to show others and remind yourself that you are a Reinvetion Rebel, this is your shop!

Shop here.

Telemotion: Movement without the Sweat!

Offered by Teresa Nichols

Teresa is offering t-shirts & bags from Telemotion. While she doesn't have a shop, support her YouTube Channel! She offers ways we can get into motion wherever you are - at the office, at home, while waiting at kids' practice, the airport - wherever. Get more movement in!

Check it out on Youtube here.

Lasting Love for Independent Women Store!

Offered by Bex Burton

If you're single, this is the site for you to find that lasting love. Bex Burton is a trauma-informed certified life coach who helps independent women attract and grow lasting love, without sacrificing who they are or what they want out of life.

Shop here.

Books in the Midlife MOJO Bundle:

By Christina Smith

Inviting Shift: A Seeker's Guide to Embracing Transition

Shift is inevitable. How we manage shift is a reflection of how we view it. When we see it as scary or as a threat, we struggle. When we see it as an open door to endless opportunity, we embrace it. The trick is to invite shift by staying open and curious. This guide is for the seeker who is looking to find ways to direct the shift by learning to heal core wounds, dream bigger, friend the fear, get unstuck, and connect to intuition. Your answers are within you. Each chapter has exercises and questions that will help you become more clear and focused on what you truly want - even if you don't know what that is yet. No matter where you are in the cycle of shift, this book will guide you.

Get it here.

The Practice of Unlocking Authentic Self-Love

Self-love is a practice and this journal will take you through the keys to authentic self-love so you can shift the negative thoughts, make confident decisions, and truly enjoy your own company. Go deeper into accepting your humanness to even admiring your journey.
It's a 60 day journal you can use again and again.

Get it here.

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